See what some our clients have said about their experience with Jackson Associates:

“The Summit Company has been working with Jackson Associates for over 10 years.  They are a knowledgeable company that does quality work in a timely manner.  We would highly recommend them.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Collin Chesney, Project Manager, The Summit Company

“Rick, I enjoyed working with you and your crew. They kept their cool and remained professional even under the most difficult circumstance.  Performance like that starts at the top. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Mike Bassett, Siemens

“Dear Mike - Jackson Associates, Inc. has taken care of my clients fire protection needs for many years. They are a good reliable team member who has the customer’s interest in mind. Most of our work is negotiated with long standing Clients and bringing the best team to the table is foremost in my mind. Jackson Associates is now and will remain my go to fire sprinkler company.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Michael D. Robinson, President, ROK Construction Services

“I would recommend Jackson & Associates to anyone needing a fire suppression contractor. Their on-site crew was professional and always went above & beyond our expectations when they performed their work. Our project consisted of approx. 75,000 sf new construction (Office & Machining), 20,000 sf of owner occupied (Machining) renovation area, and 3 Level (150 Car) Parking Structure.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Terry O'Connor. Project Manager, Kiwi Newton Construction, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with Jackson and Associates at our plants in Sterling Heights. Beginning at design, Rick has been very helpful in providing technical guidance allowing us to lean down our installations without compromising on coverage, additionally; he has offered us good advice to help reduce cost with other contractors by educating us on the fire protection industry. The installation teams are courteous and understanding of our concerns in an active environment allowing for project completion with little to no impact on our production. Jackson and Associates have been able to provide competitive pricing and at least from our prospective have been able to beat the price of their peers. All said, they provide great value.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Ed Cutlip, Maintenance Manager, Sterling Heights, MI

“For over 10 years, Datapak Services Corporation has trusted Jackson Associates for fire suppression and protection services for all of our facilities. We have relied on them to perform everything from inspections, upgrades to our current systems and new system installations. In addition to their line of standard services, their emergency services have always been reliable with immediate response times. I have personally worked with owner Rick Jackson and would recommend Jackson Associates to anyone without hesitation.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Deck Mowatt, Director of Facilities, Datapak Services Corporation

“One of the best compliments a supplier can receive from a customer like Jackson Associates is being paid in full. Underwood Fire Equipment has been supplying Jackson Associates with fire pumps, controls, valves and fittings for over two decades. The projects we have worked on together range from simple service calls to high risk jobs requiring fire pumps made of special materials of construction. Jackson Associates pays their suppliers on time, every time. The group is all very easy to work with. They are reliable, professional, and always punctual when we perform a site service with any of their team.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Damon Pietraz, President, Underwood Fire Equipment

“I have just completed my 27th at Clark Construction and have been privileged to work around a lot of great contractors I would just have to say Jackson & Associates go above and beyond to give you quality on time work and workmanship.”

Testimonials - Jackson Associates | Fire Protection Systems - star

- Ken Stephenson, Clark Construction Company

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