Common Causes Of False Fire Alarms In Your Building

False fire alarms refer to fire alarm signals from an alarm system that is not caused by a fire. They can cause business disruptions leading to loss of productivity as well as draining the resources of the fire authority. False alarms can also be a danger because as the fire service department responds to a false alarm there could be another real fire on the other end of the town that will not be responded to swiftly causing huge losses. Below are the top common causes of false fire alarms.

One of the reasons that a fire alarm could be malfunctioning is because the components of the system are aging and need replacement. Different systems require replacement after a specific time depending on the manufacturer. For most detectors, they should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. You do not have to wait until the recommended replacement time. As soon as the components start to fail and the alarm triggers, you should have them replaced.

Smoke detectors activation
Fire detectors can falsely be activated by cooking fumes, steam, dust and other airborne pollutants. Therefore at all times, you should be mindful of the location of the fire detectors when carrying out everyday tasks. If you need the house remodeled, you could isolate the fire alarm zone during the time of the renovation.

Manual activation of break glass call points
Most of the time break glass call points are activated maliciously and not because they are faulty. To reduce false alarms the call point should not be in an area where it is prone to vandalism. Having a cover over it could deter vandalism. If the call points are in the area where they can easily be activated by being hit by other equipment having a cover can reduce the chances of activation.

False fire alarms are not only a financial drain for businesses and the fire service department but they also put lives at risk.

If you need fire alarm inspectors or need fire protection systems installed in your building, contact the team at Jackson Associates today!

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