How To Choose The Right Fire Protection System For Your Building

Fire extinguishment requires the removal or interruption of key elements of the fire triangle. All fire extinguishers are based on the principle of removing one or more components of the fire triangle to stop the fire.

Who chooses of fire suppression systems in a building? 

The building owner is usually responsible for installing suppression systems and their maintenance. The insurance company, fire protection contractors, and the fire department can help in choosing the right equipment.


Extinguisher systems have many components. Some include water, inert gas, and water-based foam.

Automatic sprinklers: 

These are almost exclusively water-based, with plain water or foam. Engineers use live fire testing to customize sprinkler systems. They ignite various commodities and adjust the system according to the outcome.

How to choose fire suppressants?

Fires have different properties based on fuel and origin. There are many types of fuel sources, and each creates different types of fire. Anyone fire suppression approach will not suitably control all fires. Firefighters must use the right agent to remove the fire. Water is not effective on ignited flammable liquid, such as gasoline. HALON is not a good way to control deep-seated fires, such as in a storage area. Water works best against many fire types. Water is best in terms of heat absorption and penetration. Water works effectively due to the principle of ‘pre-wetting.’ This prevents further ignition by cooling surrounding objects. Water also costs less than other agents. But, water may not be the best medium for certain fire types.

Who to consult? 

First, obtain guidance from a fire professional. They can help determine the best fire protection for occupancy, storages, and the cost considerations.

Legal requirements 

Laws vary from one region to the next. In most instances, a fire or building official will have the final say on installation approvals.

Businesses liability

Improper or inadequate fire protection gives occupants a false sense of security. Not having adequate suppression systems could contribute to the spread of fire.

What else should business owners know? 

Some insurers plan reviews prior to installing a sprinkler system. They can offer on-site evaluations, examining extinguishers and sprinkler systems. Standards applicable to extinguishers and sprinkler systems come from Factory Mutual Engineering and the National Fire Protection Association.

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